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Join us for a 30-day culinary journey through Ramadan

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The Karama Fresh E-Book guides you on a journey through the 4 holy weeks of Ramadan. Each week brings you a new theme, mindfulness practice, affirmation, essential oil, and recipe, all aligned with the lunar cycle. 

Many Styles Of Yoga To Suit Everyone

Our most popular classes include:

Awarded Best Yoga Studio in
Saudi Arabia

By the CorporateLiveWire Prestige Awards 2020/2021

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In-Person Classes

Online Classes


One (1) Class Drop in
SAR 200
  • One Class
  • Valid for ONE Week
  • Prices Subject to TAX
  • 24h Cancellation Policy


One (1) Class Dop in
SAR 250
  • One Class
  • Valid For ONE Day
  • Prices Subject to TAX
  • 24h Cancellation Policy


Ten (10) Class Pass
SAR 1,750
  • Ten Classes
  • Valid for ONE Month
  • Prices Subject to TAX
  • 24h Cancellation Policy


Twenty (20) Class Pass
SAR 3,000
  • Twenty Classes
  • Valid for TWO Months
  • Prices Subject to TAX
  • 24h Cancellation Policy

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Let’s start with the fact that I really, really used to hate yoga! All of that has changed the day I met Lana. She gave me a very different perspective toward Yoga and completely changed my mind."
Client testimonial headshot
Eman Bukhari
"Karama has guided me in yoga but also through healthier living; as the support and knowledge is always available at hand such as cooking books, juices, and healthy foods sold at the studio, which made it easier to accommodate to a healthy lifestyle."
Client testimonial headshot
Rasha Al-Sulaiman
"Coming from a fitness and high intensity background, I struggled always with joining any yoga class...until I joined Lana’s Karama’s yoga classes. I was pulled in with her “Sweaty Worrior” class. It gave me that invigorating fast-paced fix while challenging my strength, stamina, and most of all flexibility —all at the same time."
Client testimonial headshot
Ruba Bahareth
"COVID broke out which lead me to depression and major weight gain! So I told myself this is the perfect opportunity to make a change. I decided to join Karama. I booked my first month and told myself, I will stick to it and see how it goes. I wanted to lose the weight I gained & wanted a peace of mind with no aches and pains.
Client testimonial headshot
Moothy Al-Nwaisir
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Stress Release” LYT® YOGA Flow

Release the stress from your body.
Mobilize the joints & muscles that hold stress.
Using breath and sound to release and let go.

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