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Eman Bukhari


“Let’s start with the fact that I really, really used to hate yoga! I didn’t believe that Yoga would help and let me reach the goals I set for myself, a fit, slim, healthy and strong body inside out, so I didn’t give myself a chance to try something different and new like Yoga.

All of that has changed the day I met Lana. She gave me a very different perspective toward Yoga and completely changed my mind. I still remember the very first class I took with her was ‘Sweaty Arms’. She challenged me on every level, physically, emotionally and mentally. I really can’t describe the way I felt after the class, I couldn’t believe that class was a Yoga class! It was beyond my expectation, the strain and the amount of energy and power level I felt, it lifted me up high to the sky. After a commitment of several months, I fell in love with Yoga. Thank you Lana for changing my life.”

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Layan Baghaffar

“Lanaaa !!! Thank you so much for the classes you give with rayaannn 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I really wanna show my support even though I don’t practice live with you just because the timing doesn’t suit me, so I usually do it the next morning. I just want to tell you it’s been a breath of fresh air seeing you too enjoy workouts and being fun in times when we desperately need that. The yoga part at the end of the class is of course my favorite part 😍😍 I also got my husband into it😌. I just really wanna thank you both for taking the time to do this, and I can’t wait to be back to your classes 💕💕”

Ruba Bahareth


Coming from a fitness and high intensity background .. I struggled always with joining any yoga class.. until I joined Lana’s Karama’s yoga classes..I was pulled in with her “Sweaty Worrior” class… it gave me that invigorating fast paced fix while challenging my strength, stamina, and most of all flexibility at the same time. Soon after that, I found a wonderful peaceful flow in the vinyasa classes. It challenged my flexibility and trained my brain to work through it while holding the poses.

Finally, I reached a point where I understood the importance of sitting through the longer holds of YIN and the many wonderful mental and physical benefits that came with it. Karama yoga is not only a practice.. it’s a community. Whenever I join any of the live classes or zoom classes, I look forwarded to Lana’s vibrant positive energy, the many familiar faces, and the many new ones. Grateful that this Pandemic has opened the door for me to be able to practice Yoga with Karama from Riyadh! 💕💕

Rasha Al-Sulaiman


I’ve been a student in Karama studio for about 3 years now, and my experience so far has been amazing in terms of health, strength and balance. Being a part of Karama gave me the motivation to push myself harder physically and mentally, passed limits I never imagined I could pass.

Not only has Karama guided me in yoga but also through healthier living; as the support and knowledge is always available at hand such as cooking books, juices, and healthy foods sold at the studio, which made it easier to accommodate to a healthy lifestyle. As well as Lana Nazer’s great attention to detail in all yoga sessions and she always keeps it challenging.

Growing up I’ve always been active whether it was sports in school or gym memberships as an adult. What I’ve experienced in my journey with karama is that I feel much stronger and have much more stamina in my daily life (without getting even slightly bulky).

As a whole I’ve never felt better in my life in terms of weight, strength, and nutrition. Thank you Lana for all your support and guidance throughout this journey and hopefully many more years to come.

Moothy Al-Nwaisir


Before I began my yoga journey I have always been the type of person who loved to work out. Throughout all these strenuous workouts I always used to feel fatigue, stiff, and generally have aches and pains everywhere! My mental state wasn’t great either, I did not have any peace of mind and I suffered with major anxiety. These intense workouts made me realize I was done working out like this! So I stopped everything!

Straight after that, COVID broke out which lead me to depression and major weight gain! So I told my self this is the perfect opportunity to make a change.

I decided to join Karama. I was nervous and intimidated at first since I NEVER had a connection with yoga. I knew absolutely nothing! But I did follow the Karama page on Instagram and spoke to some friends that where in Karama classes. I always sensed a peaceful vibe and the girls always looked fit!

I booked my first month and told myself, I will stick to it and see how it goes. I wanted to loose the weight I gained & wanted a peace of mind with no aches and pains.

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